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Feature flags

Feature flags let you turn features on or off with just a click. This means you can release new features whenever you're ready. Progressively unlocks even more features

Single and multi variants

Single variant feature flags toggle a feature on or off for all users, while multi-variant flags enable testing and deploying multiple feature versions simultaneously.


Scheduled rollout

Scheduled rollout feature flags enable you to automate the release of a feature at a specific time, ensuring a smooth and timely deployment.

Gradual rollout

Gradual rollout feature flags allow you to incrementally release a feature to users, reducing risk and ensuring stability during deployment.

Attribute based targeting

Attribute-based targeting feature flags enable you to release features to specific user segments based on defined attributes, ensuring personalized and relevant experiences.


Quantitative analytics

Collect details about the page being looked at, and include extra activities to learn more about your audience's actions.

Page views by browser

"Page views by browser" analytics provide insights into how different browsers are being used by your visitors, helping optimize compatibility and user experience.

Page views by OS

"Page views by OS" analytics offer insights into the operating systems used by visitors, aiding in optimizing performance and compatibility across platforms.

Page views by viewport

"Page views by viewport" analytics reveal how different screen sizes and resolutions are used by visitors, helping to optimize layout and design for various devices.

Page views by referer

"Page views by referrer" analytics show where your visitors are coming from, providing insights into traffic sources and marketing effectiveness.

Page views by URL

"Page views by URL" analytics track the popularity of specific pages, helping to identify which content engages visitors the most.

Unique visitors & bounce rate

"Unique visitors & bounce rate" analytics measure the number of distinct users and how often they leave after viewing only one page, indicating engagement levels and content effectiveness.

In progress

What are we building right now?

We want to provide you the most impactful features that you deserve. And we plan to ship the following in the next iterations.

Qualitative analytics


Cross feature flags evaluations with analytics data to understand the audience behaviour.

Qualitative analytics

Qualitative analytics

Identifying the user path by emphasizing the most engaged areas of your website.

Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

At Progressively, we understand the frustration of unpredictable pay-as-you-go pricing. That's why we've created a straightforward pricing model designed to make you feel secure, ensuring you only pay for what you need. And it starts at 1 euro.

The only plan

For anybody that want to improve their product building & delivery processes





* An event corresponds to 1 flag eval. or 1 analytics hit.

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