Introducing Progressively

A simple, accessible, lightweight and OpenSource feature flag software.

Why do you need feature flags?

Deploying new features in production is risky and oftentimes a pain. Taking care of bugs, rollbacks, infrastructure and managing release trains are not very fun – and are stressful. Who's never put some code on production and after 2 hours in the wild, had to rollback?

How feature flags solve this?

They make releases more dynamic, more precise, more granular and easier to rollback when it comes to fixing bugs. All you have to do is pulling a trigger in a dashboard.

Introducing Progressively

Switching a toggle is great for a one-off deploy. And Progressively does more by providing tooling to only rollout to a given set of your audience, or schedule feature activation, measure feature flags impacts, triggering webhook when a release happens etc...

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