Deploy your features
without stress & without risk

We provide tools around features flags to faciliate your feature deployments.

Ship 3x more, safely

Product people want features to be shipped. Developpers want to build things without stress. Feature flags is the missing piece to accomodate everyone.

Iterate faster

Separate code deployment from feature releases. Deploy code as often as possible and only rollout the feature when it's ready.

Managing risk and stress

If there is a bug, rollback the feature by switching a toggle. No need to deploy code, the feature will be disabled instantly for the users.

Test the reality

Create a flag just for you, and test your feature directly in production. When you are ready, make the feature available to everyone.

Still using GitFlow or old-school alternative?

See how feature flags can help ship faster

Enhance the feedback loop

Accelerate feedback acquisition by establishing exclusive user groups with specialized and controlled access to your cutting-edge features. Leverage their invaluable insights to fine-tune your offerings even before their widespread release, ensuring a remarkable user experience for all!

QA team

They can see the content behind the flag.

Canary users

They can see the content behind the flag.

Beta users

Too early to give them access, they won't see the content.

Dreaming of an amazing workflow?

  1. Get your instance

    1. Run the docker command
    2. Create your admin account
    3. Start the journey
  2. Choose a SDK

    1. Choose a SDK
    2. Install it
    3. Evaluate the flags
  3. Enjoy

    1. Get insights
    2. Get feedbacks
    3. Iterate fast

Want to give it a try?

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