Rollout quickly, effectively, Progressively.

A simple, accessible, lightweight, self-hosted and OpenSource feature flagging tool.

Deploy whenever
you want

Prepare your instance

  1. Get the project running locally

    Progressively is a self-hosted feature flagging tool. With the following commands, you will create a running instance of Progressively that you can interact with. Host it on your server, own your data.

  2. Create a feature flag

    Start the dashboard, follow the instructions and create your first feature flag. It will be available for usage with SDKs.

  3. Choose a SDK

    Progressively is built to be usable on any types of application. From frontend, to backend, to CLIs. Anything that can send an HTTP request can use Progressively. And it supports Server Side Rendering without flickering.



Activate or deactivate your flags at any given time

Single & Multi variants

Create single or multi-variants, monitor their evaluations and add custom metrics to analyze conversion

Audience Eligibility

Rollout to only specific subsets of your audience based on qualitative criteria

Gradual rollout

Target a percentage of your audience when deploying



Flag evaluation


Performance difference

As page load time goes from one second to seven seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 113%.



Size of Progressively: 1.3kB
Time to download Progressively on 3G: 25 msTime to download Progressively on 3G: 1 ms


Size of Growthbook: 3.8kB
Time to download Growthbook on 3G: 74 msTime to download Growthbook on 3G: 4 ms

Unleash (React)

Size of Unleash (React): 11kB
Time to download Unleash (React) on 3G: 215 msTime to download Unleash (React) on 3G: 12 ms


Size of Launchdarkly: 21kB
Time to download Launchdarkly on 3G: 410 msTime to download Launchdarkly on 3G: 23 ms

Size of 46kB
Time to download on 3G: 0.90 sTime to download on 3G: 51 ms

Approximative numbers from the Bundle diff example Nextjs project