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What can you expect?

Feature flags

Feature flags let you turn features on or off with just a click. This means you can release new features whenever you're ready. Progressively unlocks even more features:

  • Single & multi variants
  • Schedule rollout
  • Gradual rollout
  • Attribute based targeting
  • Anonymous

The roadmap

Fueled by community collaboration, Progressively thrives on openness and transparency. Our roadmap is not just a plan, but a promise to evolve and grow, reflecting the aspirations and feedback of our users. Together, we're building a future that embraces change, guided by the voices of our community.

  1. Feature flags

    Single variants, multi variants, percentage based rollout, scheduled strategies & more...

  2. Quantitative analytics

    Pages views per OS, browser, viewports, referrer, most visited page, custom events & more...

  3. Funnels

    Cross feature flags evaluations with analytics data to understand the audience behaviour.

  4. Qualitative analytics

    Identifying the user path by emphasizing the most engaged areas of your website.

  5. Error & exceptions

    Collect errors & anomalies in a singular dashboard and implement measures to resolve them.

  6. Session Recording

    Track user sessions to comprehend what halted their progression.

Analytics of

One tool for all your products needs

At Progressively, we believe in empowering creators with the essentials for crafting exceptional products and websites. Our philosophy is simple: merge simplicity with power, offering you a unified solution that gracefully captures user activity and transforms data into actionable insights. It's not just about monitoringā€”it's about enlightening your decisions, all in one place.

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Key differentiators

Progressively might be compact, but it packs a punch! What really sets it apart is its philosophy and core values. We're big believers in these principles, and they're at the heart of everything we do.

Open Source

We're all about community spirit


Your machines, your data.

Privacy matters

Everything is made anonymously.

Server Side Rendering

Compatible with Next.js, Remix, etc...

Small libraries

The React SDK for feature flags is 1.3kB.

Realtime updates

Websockets powered (opt-in)


Thanks a bunch for making it to the end of the page, and here's my final shot at convincing you to click that big button

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Marvin Frachet
Marvin Frachet
Frontend Eng @Proton