The baked-in features

Audience Targeting

With Progressively, you can define very granular rules based on users attributes to define who is supposed to get access to the new feature. It also includes gradual rollouts using percentage ranges.

Single & Multi Variants

By default, a feature can be visible or not visible. With Progressively, you can define other variants to provide different variations of your features to different users. It's useful for A/B testing.

Segments of users

Creating granular rules might be a long and repetitive task. Segments of users allows to group a set of rules targeting a set of users under the same entitiy. And it can also be used as a targeting rule. For instance, you can give your QA team an early access to the feature in production without repeating the rule.

Activation scheduling

You want to activate (or deactivate) your feature flag on Tuesday 2pm PST but you live in Europe and you don't want to wake up? We have flag activation scheduling for you.

Flag insights

Each time a user is making a request to Progressively for evaluating the status of a flag, this evaluation is registered. In addition to that, you can define your own metrics and we cross the information between the flag evaluation and the metrics hits in dashboards.