Why it's different?

It's small

Webpage size is a trend. And we don't want to increase it with additional tooling. With this in mind, the React SDK for Progressively is only 1.2Kb , which is order of magnitude smaller than other tools.

It works on Edge runtime

You can use Progressively Server Side SDK on Edge runtime. Even more interesting: if you combine Vercel Edge Middleware and Progressively server side SDK , you can perform A/B testing at any scale.

It's Open Source

All the codebase is Open Source and available in the Github Repository . A feature is missing? A bug has happened? Participate to the evolution of the tool and help us by filling an issue , or contributing.

It's Self Hosted

You install the tool on your servers, you own the data. In the future, a SaaS might be available for users who prefer to use a ready to go service. If that's your case, please manifest your support on social channels.

It's Accessible

We do our best to keep the tool accessible for as many person as possible. And we know there's a lot to do. If you have any problem while navigating or using the app, please let us know.